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Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood
Easy Button Recipes for the Rest of Us

Italian Sausage Soup.jpg

Providence Farm Italian Sausage Soup




1 lb Providence Farm mild Italian pork sausage

(6) cups beef broth or stock

10 oz frozen spinach

¾ cup long grain white rice

1 quart jar canned tomatoes

1, 15.5 ounce can Great Northern or Cannellini beans

HINT: You can totally adjust the quantity of each of these ingredients to your own personal tastes, to reduce carbs, or maybe you really love spinach. We’ve done this with double everything and 1.5 x the broth for a stew-like consistency. Any way you do this, it’s super flavorful and freezes well.


Brown the sausage in a stock pot. When it becomes good and crumbly, add the beef broth. Then add each of the other ingredients. You can thaw the spinach ahead of time – or not. You can drain off the juice from the tomatoes and beans, or not. You can use fresh everything, or not. Seriously, this recipe is super forgiving…it’s like the Pirate’s Code: guidelines, not actual rules.

Once everything is in the stock pot and boiling, turn down the heat and let it hang out at a solid bubbling simmer for about 45 minutes. The “done-ness” of the rice is going to be the “tell” as to when this dish of awesomeness is ready to eat.

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