Christmas in July

knitting sheep.gif

Here's your chance to get that hand knitted holiday gift started in time to complete it, get help along the way, and enjoy community with fellow fiber enthusiasts.

(ps you can also just come do your fiber art and hang out!)

We will meet until December; until the last gift is wrapped up with a bow!

 When do we meet?

For the sake of having a starting point, we will meet each Saturday, starting July 9. We can always add times, adjust times, etc. but for now we will meet 9am - 12 noon. You can show up at any point in time during that if you can't get here until 10:47am, that's fine. As our community takes shape, meetings dates & times will be adjusted to accommodate the needs/schedule of the group. This is our springboard to bigger things & flexibility is the name of the game.


 What projects are we doing? 

Bring a Work In Progress or hop onto Ravelry ( and open an account...this is an amazing FREE site with a gazillion patterns for stuff you didn't even know existed. Many are free, others are available for purchase. Find something you'd like to do - it most definitely doesn't have to be a Christmas stocking or holiday gift.  Knit for yourself!  If you are just starting out, be sure to choose a pattern that is promoted as beginner friendly.  As for materials, we've got fiber from our flock, spun into various weights of yarn, ready to knit natural or we can help you dye it in the color way of your choosing. Yarn and dye can be purchased through us and we have some needles available for loan. If we don't have what you want/need, we recommend Gate City Yarn for ALL your fiber needs. Support local! 


What if I don't know how to knit?

Buy your fiber from us and we will teach you. It's that simple. And the beauty of Christmas in July is that you'll have the benefit of knitting alongside folks who have been throwing stitches for decades. For information about beginner instruction (as in never knitted anything before), contact us for rates + additional information.

Where are we meeting & who can come?  

 We're meeting in and around the farmhouse...all sorts of places to settle inside but also patios + porches. Coffee and tea on tap, probably some Carbosaurus Rex goodies and fruit on the island. Feel free to bring your own sustenance but don't bring your pet(s) or your kid(s). This is a gig for grown ups only. 

How do I sign up?


Click the button below to send us a message or text us 336-707-2507 to add your name to the guest list.