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mini lamancha
dairy goats

Mini-Lamancha dairy goats are a down sized cross that originates in a cross between a standard Lamancha dairy goat and a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat. The resulting progeny are high producing, smaller versions of the standard sized Lamancha and the F1 cross may have airplane ears (like the Nigerian Dwarf), elf ears (a small flap of ear), or the most true to standard, the gopher ear. Subsequent breedings (F2, F3 and so on) focus on achieving a smaller sized animal that meets the breed standard of the larger animal. Mini-Lamanchas - like all goats - are characters and their funny ears lend even more amusement to their antics. 

Our bloodlines originate with Enchanted Hill and Secret Garden, both well known for producing outstanding goats with high milk production. 

These small goats make excellent additions to homesteads and the wethers (castrated males) are wonderful pets and do an great job of managing undergrowth and vegetation on fence lines. 

Registered & Grade Stock Available


PFNC Dora Lee

reg. AML06236

(Enchanted Hill Fergus x Secret Garden Farm Fiona) 

2021, American elf ear, buckskin with white trim

Currently in with Enchanted Hill BF Drumming Grouse

for Spring 2023 kidding

Contact us for more information. 

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