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The Welcoming Committee

When you visit Providence Farm you will most likely be greeted by our Chairpig of Hogspitality, Roscoe the Potbelly Pig. 

In the Fiber Production Field, HSF Daisy, our friendliest Leicester Longwool, will sheepishly greet ewe in a curious manner. 

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The only way to successfully farm in a predator friendly fashion is through the use of livestock guardian dogs. Livestock Guardian Dogs - or as we commonly refer to them, LGD - are a type of dog that have been selectively bred for 1000s of years to serve a protectors for large flocks & herds of sheep and goats. Unlike other guard dogs, LGD bond to the flocks/herds, have very low prey drive & very high protective instincts. They are incredibly independent and hard wired to work without human direction. An LGD is  more of a co-worker than an employee. Most LGD breeds will not sound familiar, but there are a few that are recognized by the American Kennel Club: Great Pyrenees, Kuvasz, Komondor, and Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Other breeds include our rare Bulgarian Karakachan, Maremma, Central Asian Shepherds, Ovcharkas, and Sarplaninacs to name a few. These are old breeds that have

been working alongside shepherds for centuries. 

Predator Friendly Farming means we don't trap or kill predators unless absolutely necessary. We co-exist with wildlife and the dogs serve as a strong deterrent to ALL sorts of predators. They may look big, lazy, and fluffy, but make no mistake, they are fully equipped to deal with top shelf predators - as a pack, even wolves & big cats. Lethal if they have to be, but more interested in deterring those who would do harm to their charges. We run a pack of 5 Livestock Guardian Dogs here, each with their own personality & temperament. None of them have a sense of humor when it comes to protecting their flocks/herds. On the job 24/7. 


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From Baby Goat Yoga to Story Time and Barnyard Buddies & Pasture Pals, the mini-milker goat herd is always in the thick of things and will keep you on your toes while making you laugh out loud! 


Keeping the ducks in a row around the farm is a full time job! While there's lots of hands on the team, the full time farmHer is Joy Combs, the Mother of Dragons (you've seen the goats, right?). From daily chores to selling at local markets, leading visitor programs, managing the calendar and organizing special events, Joy stays especially busy. 

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