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caring for your wool items


Did you know...

  • Wool is a renewable resource (fight climate change!)

  • Wool does not hold odors (except moth ball funk)

  • Wool is naturally flame resistant and...

  • Wool is water repellant to a degree, but...

  • Wool can absorb 60% of its weight in moisture while also...

  • Drawing moisture AWAY from your body, which...

  • Keeps you warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer


Hand Knit Items

Gently shake out any debris from item; carefully remove "stuck" items so as to not damage the fibers. 

Hand wash in cool water and a tiny amount of gentle detergent if needed (a literal drop, mixed into the water before washing). Do not agitate or wring. Rinse well in cool water. Press out rinse water and lay flat to dry, being careful not to stretch garment out of shape. Wool does not hold odor molecules. 

Wool Dryer Balls

It doesn't get any easier to manage wool than with dryer balls! 

If you need to tighten the dryer balls or have been using an essential oil and want a change, simply throw the dryer balls into the washing machine with towels or bedding and then throw them into the dryer with those same towels or bedding. See how easy?! 

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