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 The Farm Store will be open during special events, by appointment, or as a pop up when our amazing pasture raised poultry, pork, and lamb/mutton is available.

You can also order monthly for Door to Door Delivery. 

Click HERE for the current order form. 

Wanna shop at the farm?

Contact us at

call/text 336.707.2507



Free Range  Chicken Eggs  $5/dozen

When we say "free range" we mean free range...our chickens forage EVERYWHERE and that makes for amazingly plump, orange yolks, full of goodness! 

early eggs 2017.jpg
chicken tractor.jpg
chicken on pasture.JPG

Pastured Raised Chicken



 Raised in sunshine & fresh air, on pasture & under the watchful eye of our livestock guardian dogs, our pasture raised poultry reflects a life well lived.

Our goal is to provide the very best, stress free life possible for our birds. As poultry exempt operators, we process all of the poultry we sell on the farm. Our birds are never transported and we work diligently to maintain a respectful and honoring environment. 

We currently offer Cornish x White Rock broiler type chicken and a limited number of heritage chickens. 

PF roasted chicken.jpg
jordan gustin baked chix thighs.jpg
Pasture Raised, Heritage Breed Lamb 

We proudly offer heritage breed lamb and mutton as identified by The Livestock Conservancy. Slow growing, dual purpose breeds, raised outside on on pasture. 

Animals are processed at an Animal Welfare Approved facility just minutes away. 

All cuts available, including various sausages & soup bones. 

French Rack Lamb.jpg

Forest Raised, Heritage Breed Pork

chorizo taco fall 2019.jpg
PF pork chops.jpg
PF pork ribs Weisgarber.jpg
pigs in the woods.jpg

Our heritage breed pigs thrive in the forest and on pasture, foraging & rooting, lounging in the sun & wallowing in mud. A stress free life from start to finish, living the way pigs were designed to live:


We anticipate our first litters of registered Tamworth piglets February 2022.

A life well lived as nature intended translates into amazing cuts of meat

and a variety of flavorful sausages. 

pigs in the woods 2.jpg

Goats Milk Products

goats milk soap 2019.jpg


Available year round, using milk from our own herd and high quality essential oils. This is a true soap, not a detergent, and will leave skin soft & moisturized.

Available in a variety of scents & molds with special seasonal offerings. 

We occasionally offer raw milk for pet consumption only. Special order only, so message us for availability. 

goat milking.jpg


dryer balls 2018.jpg

Wool dryer balls are a great addition to laundry chores! These balls reduce drying time, cut static cling, provide a great way to freshen laundry using essential oils, and last 8-10 years! Say farewell to dryer sheets and hello to sustainable laundry!  Turn key packaging for gift giving - who doesn't love a beautiful AND useful gift that's environmentally friendly! 

$20/package - shipping is usually between $8-12.

tunis yarn 3.jpg
PELT 1.jpg

We proudly offer natural and hand dyed yarns from our flock of rare, heritage breed sheep.  Inventory is constantly changing as processed fiber arrives from the mill and fiber artists add to their "stash." Ask us about our fiber and what projects it is best suited to -  fibers are versatile and can be made into beautiful, long lasting, wearable items and home goods. We love it when visitors buy fiber at the farm and are then able to  meet the animal that produced their yarn or knitted item! 

Pelts & Hides

Whether you use the term sheepskin, pelt, or hide, there are many uses including seat covers, rugs, wheelchair liners, yoga or meditation mats...or just to enjoy. And this is another way to ensure that every part of a harvested animal is honored with utility.


Our sheepskin pelts/hides are tanned at Bucks County Fur and through special processing, they are machine washable. Prices range $100-300 depending on size, length of locks/staple, and color. Inventory is very limited and we usually maintain a wait list. Hides available from Leicester Longwool (pictured), CVM Romeldale, Tunis and other rare, heritage breeds.

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