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Saturdays, 10am-2pm and by appointment.

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You can also find us on Wednesdays, April thru December, from 8am - 12pm at the

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Free Range  Chicken Eggs  $4/dozen

Quail Eggs  $6/dozen

Return original carton is usable condition and receive $0.25 off for each carton

Pastured Raised Chicken



 Our pasture raised poultry are started as day old chicks in a brooder stall in the Big Barn where they have full access to a starter feed and fresh water, fluffy bedding and heat lamps. Once feathered enough to live comfortably outside, we move the birds to pasture where they enjoy the benefits of sunshine, forage, and fresh air with the protection of the tractor and livestock guardian dogs who patrol the pastures and the sky, keeping them safe.

Our goal is to provide the very best, stress free life possible for our birds. As poultry exempt operators, we process all of the poultry we sell on the farm. Our birds are never transported and we work diligently to maintain a respectful and honoring environment. 

We currently offer Cornish x White Rock broiler type chicken and a limited number of heritage chickens. 

Pasture Raised, Heritage Breed Lamb 

We proudly offer heritage breed lamb and mutton as identified by The Livestock Conservancy. Our flock is comprised of two very different rare breeds: Leicester Longwool, originating in England, and Tunis, whose origins are ancient and kin to the fat tailed sheep of the middle east and north Africa. Both are slow growing with lovely fiber and mild, yet flavorful, meat. Even the mutton is tender and tasty. Tunis is on the

Slow Food Ark. 

Raised on pasture with supplemental grain and alfalfa hay as needed, animals are processed at a local Animal Welfare Approved, USDA facility. 

Wool dryer balls are a great addition to laundry chores! These balls reduce drying time, cut static cling, provide a great way to freshen laundry using essential oils, and last 8-10 years! Say farewell to dryer sheets and hello to sustainable laundry!  Turn key packaging for gift giving - who doesn't love a beautiful AND useful gift that's environmentally friendly! 

$20/package - shipping is usually between $8-12.

We proudly offer natural and hand dyed yarns from our rare Leicester Longwool & Tunis sheep. Inventory is constantly changing as processed fiber arrives from the mill and fiber artists add to their "stash." Ask us about our fiber and what projects it is best suited to - both fibers are versatile and can be made into beautiful, long lasting, wearable items. We love it when visitors buy fiber at the farm and are then able to  meet the animal that produced their yarn or knitted item! 

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