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The Mission

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome

Serving Livestock Guardian Breeds Only

How It All Works

Providence Farm is home to a permanent pack of (4) working livestock guardian dogs: two Great Pyrenees, an Anatolian Shepherd, and a Karakachan. These working LGD protect poultry, sheep, and goats, while also providing security for the whole farm. Two of our permanent pack are outstanding mentor dogs and assist in the rehabilitation and training of rescue LGD. 


By working with a select few 501(c)3 rescue organizations, we are able to provide shelter, training, and placement for livestock guardian dogs on a case by case basis. LGD that are brought onto the farm typically stay anywhere from 3-6 months depending on a variety of factors. Assessment of the individual dog determines how we place that dog and adoptions go through the specific rescue organization that has legal custody of the individual dog. The overriding goal is ALWAYS to do what is in the BEST INTEREST OF THE DOG. 

We do not accept non-LGD dogs or non-LGD crosses into the program. Dogs that are mentally or physically unsound for livestock guardian dog work are not accepted into the program; we will be happy to refer dogs in need to appropriate rescue (however you should be aware that EVERY rescue is drowning in cast off dogs, and wait lists are long).


ALL dogs coming through the program are fully vetted, heartworm negative, and spayed/neutered. Adopting a working LGD through this program means mentoring and support to ensure best fit and employment of best practices. Again, the goal is LONG TERM success for the dog and everyone on the farm. 

For additional information about surrendering an LGD or adopting a working LGD, CONTACT US VIA EMAIL. 

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