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Winter Workshops for Grown Ups

Winter Workshops for Grown Ups are exactly that...a chance for grown ups to

enjoy the warmth of the farmhouse as we learn new skills or practice old ones. 

From soap making and a variety of fiber art endeavors,

to food preservation and other traditional skills,

workshops provide a place to learn from experienced instructors. 

Start the new year embracing the path of a lifelong learner! 

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Workshops generally run from 1-4 pm on Saturdays. 

See the CALENDAR for specifics! 

Click Class Name for Tickets

January 20

Needle Felting 101

January 27 

Felting 201

When Water & Metal Meet

February 3

Curl Up & Dye

Dyeing Natural Fibers

February 10


February 17

Soap Making with Goats Milk

February 24

Canning & Food Preservation

An early celebration that summer will return! 

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