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Explorations on The Farm

Where The Natural World Is Our Classroom

Learning is about discovery and investigation…asking questions and seeking answers.

Delving beyond the known in an environment that fosters exploration and observation.

 This is where the love of learning grows and develops.

This is the space we provide at Providence Farm.


After years in the classroom, I have determined that encapsulating subjects without connecting the commonalities and providing segues for the overlap, removes the opportunity for all styles of learners to fully embrace the interconnectedness of knowledge. It often prevents students from tapping into areas of learning strengths to facilitate understanding of other material. Traditional learning programs don’t always provide connective pathways that improve mastery of concepts across subject areas.

The fact is, all subject areas are related to one another.

Math is not just numbers, it’s the rhythm we find in music and poetry, and music and poetry reflect history and culture, and these things are evident in other literature, and literature can be predictive of science that is fueled by imagination and

“what if…” and science gives birth to literature and innovation. 


At the center of it all is The Natural World - whose rhythms

define our waking and sleeping, dormancy and growth,

 the ocean tides and reproductive patterns of all life.

The circle of life reminds us of geometry and the Laws of Energy; all things moving and flowing like water…sometimes softly and quietly persistent, other times roaring

and seemingly destructive, only to facilitate new growth.

There is no better example of community and connectedness than The Natural World.


Providence Farm is excited to offer Explorations on The Farm, a semester of interconnected learning experiences that will find learners in the fields and

farmhouse kitchen, gardens, workshops, studio and library;

in the barn and among the animals, walking where the wild things live.

Activities will build upon science, math, and humanities lessons,

while incorporating skill building such as cooking, growing food,

stewarding resources (eg water and soil) and so much more.



ALL participants must complete a registration form and receive confirmation prior to attending.

Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Register via the COURSE CATALOG.


Class fees are paid via ticketing service linked in the COURSE CATALOG


Learners are expected to arrive on time. Parent/caregiver is not required to stay but is welcome to do so. Parent/caregiver should inform Providence Farm as soon as possible if learner will not be attending class that day. DO NOT COME TO CLASS SICK. Closure/reschedule due to inclement weather will be sent via text, email, and posted to website and social media pages. Learners should be picked up promptly and will only be released to authorized person(s). Do not arrive early or expect to stay late. Emergencies arise and we work to be flexible but this is a working farm, and our home. 


Respectful behavior is expected at ALL times. We operate under SANCTUARY: each person has a right to expect a safe and kind environment and each person has an obligation to provide that for others. Those who consistently behave in a disrespectful manner will not be allowed to return. 

Belief Systems

We respect each individual's right to choose their own belief systems. No religious or political belief system will be promoted either directly or indirectly.

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