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Meet the Staff

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Joy Combs

With decades of experience in both public and private education, across a variety of subject areas, Joy brings an approach to learning that embraces all learning styles and promotes student led investigation. Learning objectives are achieved through a classical approach that also affords the student opportunities to navigate and learn from forays down the rabbit hole.


Joy brings a diverse skill set and broad base of experiences to the table. With degrees in Political Science and History, a background in veterinary medicine, social justice work, writing, art, and a deep passion for the natural world and full time farming, lessons with Joy include springboards for every learner to connect with and nurture a love of lifelong learning. 

Darrell Cobb

An engineer by trade, Darrell is a lifelong musician and artist, having played in a variety of bands. If it has strings, he can play it. From the upright bass to guitar, banjo, mandolin, and even a little piano...he can play it. His musical pursuits include voice and work in musical theater. He recently retired from the corporate world and is fully embracing old time music and traditional instruments, while partnering with Joy to operate daily aspects of the farm, including Explorations on The Farm .

His patient teaching style facilitates a connective learning environment that builds on the commonalities between the concrete and abstract, using the definitive as a pathway to the creative.  

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